How To Sell A House: Make Your First Impressions Count!


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Selling a house is a major challenge, mainly because it is such a significant investment. Buying a home is not the type of decision potential buyers make on a whim, and if you want to put a sold sign in the front yard, you need to put in the work.

To help you move in the right direction, here is some advice on the best way to sell a house, and making your first impressions count.  

Consider Necessary Repairs And Renovations


Having to fix up your home is a tight spot for a homeowner to be in, especially if there is significant work that needs to be done. Why? Because you don’t recoup the money, you spend on repairs and renovations. However, there are some that will argue renovating the kitchen, and the bathroom can add value to the property, but there are a lot of variables involved. 

Ultimately, you shouldn’t expect to get your money back for the repairs and renovations you do. Instead, consider them part of your strategy to make an excellent first impression. In other words, set a small budget aside to tackle all the little things that need attention around the house, and trust that these touch-ups will help to convince a potential buyer to take the deal and close.  

The Exterior Matters

In the world of real estate, the exterior of the house is referred to as curb appeal. In fact, this is the very first impression a potential buyer is going to see – the outside condition. 

Now, if you ask any experienced real estate agent, just keeping the garden maintained can create a balanced first impression. But if you put in a little extra effort, it can create a welcoming atmosphere that might be the difference between losing or getting the sale. 

At the same time, you need to pay attention to the other external factors. For example, are the gutters in good condition? How about the paint job of the house? Because while a potential buyer will probably care more about what goes on inside the house, it’s the exterior that’s going to set the mood. And if you want to sell a house sooner rather than later, give potential buyers a reason to smile before taking them inside.    

Get The Right Price


Given that you are dealing with a significant amount of money, it is critical that you are pricing a house right to get the accurate price estimate for the property. Not only will this show potential buyers that you are serious about selling, but it will open up room for negotiations. 

The problem is that homeowners tend to add personal value to the home, and this can lead to an overestimation. Thus, it’s always better to get a professional who can accurately estimate the amount without personal attachment. 

And remember, the first 30 days the house is on the market will be the most crucial, based on the number of buyers that will show interest. But after the first month, interest will gradually die down, and the property gets tougher to sell.   

Certificates For Inspections


Buyers who are seriously interested in buying the house will most likely insist on getting the necessary home inspections. These can include checks for the wiring and electricity, as well as plumbing and even pest control. 

But if you want to give the house a little more credibility, get the inspections done beforehand and have the papers ready. Yes, it’s a very good first impression to show the home is ready and waiting for the next occupants. Because the less the new owner has to do, the better. 

Stage An Open House


One of the most effective ways to close a deal on a property is by staging a house. However, you don’t just open the doors and hope potential buyers are going to be impressed. If you are going to make the Open House worth anything, you have to be prepared. 

For example, get rid of personal items. Take down the family photos and certificates, put away the trophies, and the keep all living spaces as neutral as possible. Of course, you don’t want any room to be empty. But you want just enough furniture and decor to spark the buyer’s imagination. 

Also, remember to declutter. In other words, everything that is directly in the way, get rid of it or put it in storage. Seeing as you want to show as much space as possible, a cluttered area is not going to do you any favors. 

Find Selling Points


Some houses stand out more than others, but there will always be a couple of selling points you can work with to help sell your home. For instance, if the house has exceptionally high ceilings, make a point of it to potential buyers. If there is a lovely breakfast nook in the kitchen, use it to your advantage. 

The more selling points you can find and point to, the better your chances of selling the house.   

Utilize Marketing Channels

 advertise house for sale on facebook

Marketing is one tactic that doesn’t require you doing anything with the house. In fact, this is something you do when the house is in the perfect condition to go on the market. You redid some of the paint jobs, you fixed the gutters, and you got an accurate price for the property. Now, it’s just a matter of getting the word out. 

Luckily, there are many channels you can use to attract buyers, and the most obvious has to be the internet. More specifically, you can target social media platforms where things typically spread like wildfire. Alternatively, you can list the property in the local newspaper and put a clear sign out front. 

Consider Using An Agent

Lastly, you can always think about using a Real Estate Agent to help you make the sale go quicker. Given that they are connected to a network of buyers, they might even make it happen sooner than you think. Reach out to MJ Homes MN at to connect with a Real Estate expert.

The fact is that selling a house becomes easier when you make a great first impression. And if you follow the advice mentioned above, you can be selling that house in no time.

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